BMO 2009 is over!

Congratulations to all contestants and delegations!
We hope that everyone had a great time in Kragujevac.
See you next year in Moldova!

26th BMO

will take place in the city of Kragujevac, Serbia from April, 28th till May, 4th, 2009. This mathematical competition will be held according to the traditional regulations of Balkan Olympiads (BMO). Each participating country should send a team of up to 6 high school students (not exceeding the age of 20) and up to two teachers (leader and deputy leader).

BMO is held under the auspices and with financial support of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Serbia. The competition will be held in the school called "Prva kragujevacka gimnazija", one of the oldest high schools in Serbia.

The BMO Jury shall consist of all leaders of participating countries and its Chair person, appointed by the host country. Each country (except the host country) should send proposals of up to 5 problems for the contest. The official language of the BMO is English.